The Seeders - quick prototyping session of p2p seeding units 2


Organized and facilitated by RYBN

The Seeders meetup proposes to imagine, design and quickly prototype discreet tactical p2p seeding units, that would share parts of the WikiLeaks archives, in order to contribute to a global decentralized effort of preservation of the sensitive WL database and documents.

The workshop purpose is to imagine and prototype units aimed at various situations :

  • units to be placed at work in an office, a university or any possible work situations ;

  • integration for digital artworks for artists that could be placed in a museum ;

  • small discreet and in disguised units built to be “forgotten” at a huge fast-food or coffee chains to hijack their open wifi ;

  • mobile units to be connected to a 5-Volts plug in a train ;

  • nomad units that can easily take advantage of apartment rental wifi ;

  • integration into piratebox / etherbox / bibliobox;

  • and all kind of parasiting strategies to take advantage of all possible accessible network infrastructures.

Furthermore, beyond dissemination strategies, the workshop aims also to discuss possible protocols that could enhance/restrenghten the p2p sharing through multiple layers of encryption and decentralization.

(The session may continue, depending on participants' consensus, through the night/week-end.)

Dates : 14-16 october 2022, Berlin, remote and local meeting


Invalidenstr. 145 - 10115 Berlin
(U-Bahn: U8 Rosenthaler Platz, U6 Naturkundemuseum / S-Bahn: Nordbahnhof / Tram: N40 Pappelplatz)

Opening Times:
Tue-Fri: 12h00-20h00
Sat-Sun: 14h00-21h00
Monday: CLOSED

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